Tried and tested, but time and resource consuming which restricts testing in practice and only usually allows 'snapshots' of cognitive performance in clinical clients and research participants.


Technological advances make it now possible to measure cognitive profiles online, either at a clinical practice/testing lab or even remotely. Such new approaches allow therefore to measure cognition longitudinally, instead of getting only a snapshot. However, online cognitive measurement has been so far only available to few people.


We can provide you with an online platform which allows cognitive testing of clinical clients and research participants on a very cost-effective basis. Our platform allows use of existing neuropsychology paradigms or complete customisation of tests for different cognitive domains. We are a team of clinical researchers and IT specialists, with over 15 years of experience in building cognitive tests and online platforms to provide you this novel solution.

Welcome to NeurOn

Longitudinal experimental and clinical cognitive testing online

Gold Standard Test

Choose from a variety of gold standard test across all cognitive domains. Researchers have the ability to customise our tests giving you full control over their operation.

Healthcare Professionals

Our platform has been developed with healthcare professions, clinicians and researchers to create the best service possible. We are always improving based on your feedback.

Latest Technologies

All our tests are mouse, track-pad, keyboard and touch compatible and have been tested on a variety of older as well as the latest devices to ensure consistent results.

Different test types
Cognitive domains
Raw data points

Cognitive Domains

Perceptual-motor function
Learning and memory
Social cognition
Complex attention
Executive function

Our Tests

What our clients say

NeurOn has been developed alongside healthcare, research and clinical professionals and we are delighted by what they say about us.


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Why should I choose NeurOn?

We offer a 10 participant free trial given you full access to our system to see if it works or you. Our software has been developed with healthcare, research and clinical professional to deliver a service that will benefit you.

What does beta testing mean?

We are currently in beta testing and inviting researchers and clinicians to use our platform for free!. You feedback will help improve the software ready for our launch.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, you can have full access to our system, for 10 participants, free of charge.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely, we guarantee it. All data is held in secure data centre facilities accredited to ISO27001

Do i have access to my raw data?

Research have access to all raw data collected in their study. we can even provide baseline data from similar studies..